Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cousins cooling off - Yes, there is one missing..Carson.

Julia is going to be a water queen. She loves the water and her brother, Chase.

We found the missing cousin. Grandma Carol was hiding Carson.

I don't think the babies care who is holding them as long as they are playing in the water. Notice Julia is swimming with her drink in hand.

NOTE: Stewart has graduated to an Eel in his swimming class. YEAH, Stewart!!

Now, we are making progress. What a difference a day makes. Carson is trying to steal a kiss.

Okay, Julia finally decides to rub noses with him.

Aunt Cindy checks Julia's toes to see if that's where the bad odor is coming from. Nope, not on these piggys.

Today was a good day for everyone. Julia has now trained Carson to use his own fork and feed himself. Carson even took five steps in a row several times today. I guess he figures he better get with the program if this other child is going to be hanging around permanently. She's too quick for him right now. We took Julia to big church today and she was greeted with an overwhelming crowd. She did really good. We decided to sit up in the balcony where no one occupied and she fell asleep during the first song. Mr. Todd thinks she was just trying to tune out his singing. :-) Her Sunday School class had made her cards welcoming her even though she didn't visit with them today. We will slowly transition her into her class over the next few weeks depending on how she is doing. So far, I cannot believe how good she has done and how quickly she picks up on things. I have pictures of her in church but will have to grab those from friends over the next couple of days to post. We would like to thank those of you in the church and outside that have commented on the prayers they have lifted up for us during our trip and for her transition.

After lunch, everyone decided to come over and go swimming. Julia was a little shocked by her initial initiation into the water but then quickly decided this was the life for be walked around in cool water while sipping on her white grape juice. After Aunt Cindy gave her a bath, dryed her hair and fed her, Olivia soothed her to sleep. I think we need to change her name to Queen Julia.


Drew and Lori said...

she just looks so natural- this is DEFINITELY her family!

The Harlow 6 said...

I am a fellow Lifeline adopter with a Nanning girl. I have followed your journey and have enjoyed it so much. We also have 2 very young children, our daughter Tess is 7 weeks older than our biological son, Trenton. It does get easier!!! Blessings to your wonderful family!!! Diane Harlow

chaz ballard said...

hey yall i wouldnt be surprised if that is why she went 2 sleep in church but it looks like she is having fun and getting 2 know her family

leah&julia said...

Diane, it is so good to know that this will get easier. Just when I think we are taking two steps forward with the jealousy issues, we take one small step back. Tim and I are doing a lot of laughing to stay sane right now. I followed your trip as well and am so glad to know Tess is doing great. Thank you for your comments


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