Sunday, August 06, 2006

Julia looks at Meme wanting her to take Carson's cookies away and give them to her since she ate all of hers, of course.

Meme bought these cookies thinking that they would each focus on their own box; yeah, right.

Julia has been introduced to Air Head candy by Grandma Kay.

Uncle Tony wanted Julia broken in right by taking her to his habitual 11:00 a.m. lunch at Hunt's in Kent. I think she gave her stamp of approval... green beans, okra and mac n'cheese.

Saturday morning breakfast Thomas style. Julia eats all on her plate and then stretches over to see what's on Carson's plate.

I have been so worried about Julia adjusting to our family but it has been Carson that has had the hardest time. Think about it, mommy left for 12 days and then returned with this other baby? He awoke Saturday morning looking at her like, she is still here. They both get really jealous when Tim and I are holding one and not the other but it is getting a little better. They are not actually spending a lot of time playing with each other but that will come soon.

After our luncheon at Hunt's, per Uncle Tony's request and which Julia thoroughly enjoyed, we took off to visit Meme and Granddaddy for the first time. Meme was well equipped with two boxes of animal crakers. Julia quickly dove into her box and then tried to find a way to dive into Carson's. Julia enjoyed playing on Granddaddy's bed and running around their house just taking everything in. I think Meme was very surprised at how active Julia can be. You expect her to be a little shy around new people and places but she does very well. She still just wants her mommy and daddy to pick her up but loves playing with her older brothers.

We are all slowly getting over this jet lag. I went to bed around 4:00 p.m. Saturday and didn't get up until Julia hollered around 1:00 a.m. She goes back to sleep after she sees me but does that several times in the night. I'm hoping that will end soon. We will try and go to church service Sunday but not Sunday school.

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chaz ballard said...

hey im enjoying looking at these photos of her and ive got a friend from florida who loves 2 read it


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