Wednesday, August 09, 2006

No, this is not what you are thinking. Julia attended her first baby shower today for a woman that I work with. I work with a bunch of crazy people. The object, finish the "poop" (chocolate pudding) out of the diaper first and you win the photo album.

Didn't take too long to find two hungry guys to compete. Travis and John kudos for diving in.

Wait a minute, I think Travis is getting a little wigged out by the diaper smell.

Julia decides she likes Jason because....why, I still don't know.:) I think it's because he showed her the windows.

Julia learned very quickly how to make it to the top of someone's desk. Brittni was kind enough to watch Julia while I unpacked some of my office.

The honoree of the day, Baby Batchelor. We cannot wait for her arrival next month.

Julia had a busy day. She started off by visiting Ms. Maria, Auntee Nancy and Grandma Susan at her office. She had the opportunity to show off her obnoxious Chinese Barbie cell phone that our guide in Nanning said that all babies must have. WARNING: Do not buy that phone if you want to remain sane.

We had a busy day today but Julia was a real trooper. She started off by visiting her daycare that she will be going to next month twice a week. We will begin taking her for about an hour every other day and sitting with her next week. She then went and visited Grandma Susan at work and all the staff. She is not shy at all but still does not want to be picked up by anyone but me as a rule. I have noticed that she will go to most guys.

We then took off to attend a baby shower at my office. This was Julia's first party and she had to wear her new linen pink outfit. Too cute until she got pen marks and pretzel goo all over it. Oh, I forgot, she's not even two and still makes messes. She did great.

She has now gotten used to the bathtub. That took two weeks but there have been so many changes for her that we are glad of any obstacles overcome no matter how small or big. She has gotten a lot closer to Tim but still wants me when she is tired. Each day is amazingly better. Our house is so much louder now. It was loud, I thought, but is extremely loud with everyone talking or running around now. Just for me to stop and make a phone call is so hard.

I continue to think about the other children that were in our group and pray that they are all blossoming into their new homes as well as Julia is doing.

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Drew and Lori said...

she looks AWESOME!!! love the outfit!


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