Thursday, July 15, 2010

She is a precious tiny princess!

Oh, WOW!  That's how I can simply explain today.  We drove about 30 mins to Chaning's house.  She and her foster mother were awaiting us at the bottom of the stairs.  Chaning looked really excited and said, Hello, Mum but you could tell she did not want to stray far from her China Mum.  We sat and opened her gifts but still could not get remotely close to her.  We decided to take a walk around the neighborhood.  At this point, she would hold Chase's hand but did not want the crazy, endless talking USA mum to get near her.  I would see her looking at me but then when she caught wind that I was looking back, she would quickly turn her head the other way.  The family took us to an Italian restaraunt that was very nice.  We then returned to her home and she and I began to sit down and play with the sticker book we brought.  She picked up so quickly on how to peel and stick and then color the book.  We must have sat there for 45 mins until all the stickers were gone.  She would give me a high five and smile but still no such luck on touching her.  We then proceeded to play with other items.  I asked her if she would sit in my lap and show me her kindergarten book and SHE DID!!!  Within about 10 more mins, I was able to get a little hug from her and kiss her on the cheek.  At one point, she thought her FM was leaving to go outside and she quickly began to move into big tears and screamed.  She loves this family and the auntie so much.  They have taken extremely good care of her.  She is a tiny, tiny tot with a little foot.  She has the prettiest dark eyes and little nose.  Her left side dimple and precious smile just melt your heart. 
We are so thankful that God placed this family in her life and that they allowed us the honor of having her placed into our family.  Just the time spent observing her in her environment today is priceless.  Tomorrow we will tour Shanghai and then return to her house for a goodbye party where we can meet some of her friends.  Saturday, the ffamily will fly her to Guangzhou and we will fly there ourselves.  Sunday we will relax and then Monday afternoon, we will all travel to the Civil Affairs office where the orphanage director will transfer Chaning to us.  She will be considered ours as far as China is concerned after Monday.  This is going to be a hard time for Chaning as she is so attached to her family but I know that she will reattach to ours because she does know what love is.
I will do another post on her fmother's Baby's Home.  She started this home for babies that need medical attention, some very severe, because Chaning showed her that by taking care of them they can be placed in adoption and have a chance to thrive and be happy.  The home was so clean and the babies we got to see were so healthy looking.
Okay, I am done for the night.  We decided at the end of the day that we could travel to the World Expo.  After an hour there, we called our guide to come back and pick us all up. I think the jet lag has hit and we are all tired.


laurie ward said...

leah, loved seeing her picture! She is beautiful. i will be praying for you over the next couple of days for the transition. May God's peace cover everyone...Laurie and Anya Ward

Eileen said...

What an adorable girl! And what a blessing to get to meet and interact with her foster family! In Guangxi it was a big no no. They wouldn't tell us diddly squat!

Hope the rest of your visit is wonderful!

Eileen said...

Oh, and when you get back, you'll have to hear our little Guangxi girl tell her story!

Can you believe it's been almost 4 years? Our girls are all grown up!


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