Saturday, July 17, 2010

sprite is a universal language

We had a two hour delay from Shanghai to Guangzhou but was pleasantly surprised to see that Chaning and her foster family were on the same plane so we were able to spend a little time playing with her.  She is still not freely coming to me but who can blame her.  I probably look and sound like some crazy lady from the USA.  I can still see her watching me all the time and smiling.  She is very nervous. When she left her Auntie and fsister yesterday, they said she told them she would be back.  This is going to be such a huge transition for my little darling but I see how much love she has and feel that she can transfer that love and happiness into our family.
Tomorrow is the BIG day.  We will meet at the Civil Affairs office around 2 p.m. That will be 1 a.m. for those back home.  She will then be handed to me. (tears)
Today, the foster mother will bring her so she can see me again.  I hope to show her the hotel palace where she will be staying for the next two weeks.  I finally slept until 6 a.m. this morning and my head cold seems to be slacking off a little.  I will try to rest as much as possible today.

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