Sunday, July 23, 2006

40 minutes and we go downstairs to board a bus to get our daughter..Julia!!! We did paperwork as a group this morning around 10 a.m. We actually had to put our fingerprints on our name over and over in red ink. It seemed very official. We then took taxis to a downtown shopping area so that we could purchase Chinese books, DVD's and a wedding ball that is only unique to the Guangxi province. I 'll explain the wedding ball at a later date. We are getting a little more comfortable with manuvering around and dealing with the money barriers (not the language barrier). Matthew got a to-go pack from KFC and that was interesting trying to order. We thought we knew how to say six in Chinese but the girl just laughed and got the manager to get us a picture card. We forgot to ask for no ice in the drink so Matthew had to trash that but the chicken and the fries with the useless drink was only 17.5 yuan which is around $2.25. Another couple got the complete bucket meal and it was only $6.

We just left the Chinese restaurant located here in the hotel and for three of us it was only around $5.50 and we had several dishes and appetizers. It is amazing at the prices but I do miss our home grown tomatoes and salads. I NEED A CAFFIENE FREE DIET COKE!! (Please Fed Ex me one somebody) It is going to get harder and harder as the week goes on but we are hanging in there. I hope to try meat congee with Julia in the morning. Yum. Yum.

Everyone is so excited right now. The anxiety level is so high. It is great to share this experience with others at the same time. Well, the next time I blog, I hope to have a video on here so that you can see our GOTCHA DAY and our beautiful new daughter. Tim, I wish you guys were here but you will have your GOTCHA DAY on 08-02. Lots of Love to everyone at home and we thank you all for your prayers.

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