Thursday, July 27, 2006

Not much to blog today. We had to cancel our trip to the flea market because of the weather...very rainy. Some of us shoppers are going absolutely crazy just sitting around. We have to check out of the hotel around 2 p.m. and find something to do until 5 p.m. We have to be at the airport at that time and then off to Guangzhou around 8 p.m. We are all ready to get to Guangzhou for the food and shopping and of course our last leg of our journey...closer to coming home! Yeah! Julia has opened up like a can of worms and talks and talks and talks. I cannot understand a word of what she is saying but Baba (Daddy). She looks at the pictures I sent her over and over and this morning she said Baba when looking at Tim's picture. She picks up the phone and says Baba. I am hoping that changing hotels and scenary does not make her take a step backwards because she is doing great. It's truly amazing how these children have opened up after about a 72-hour period.

We went to a Cantonese restaurant last night and had a multitude of dishes. Our entire bill was around 170 yuan which is less than $24 dollars. We had one dish, fried eggplant wrapped around some type of meat. It was awesome. One of the couples that was with us decided to order some type of coconut chicken soup. We were all enjoying it, especially the babies, until our guide pointed out that there was a chicken foot at the bottom of the soup bowl that we were all dipping out of. Oh well, the babies continued to eat but all the adults quickly decided to move along to the next dish. The people here are extremely nice and honest. You have to make them take a tip in the restaurants and sometimes it's not even worth trying so we just don't. I don't think you will find a waiter or waitress in Alabama that would turn down a tip.

Well, we are packing our overweight luggage and getting ready to sit in the lobby for three hours. Please continue to pray for Julia. She has started coughing but we feel that it is just nasal drainage at this point. Her spirits are very high and she is not running anymore fever. I think she is having fun changing outfits each day with her matching accessories. Everyone keeps commenting on how she is always dressed but they don't understand that this is my first girl and only girl (besides Olivia and Megan). Yes, Aunt Leah has not forgotten you guys.

I will blog tomorrow as we will not get into Guangzhou until late tonight. We love and miss all of you.


Hodge Family News said...

HAVE FUN SHOPPING IN GUZ!!!! It is a BLAST! The China Doll behind the White Swan is the best! The ladies will take US cash or plastic!! So, if you think you want it BUY IT! Once you get home you will wish you had!!! If they don't have what you are looking for in the store they will get it by the afternoon or next day.
Shop til you drop!!!
PS Katie Lin had a hard time the first night at the WS but got better. Praying for Julia!!!

Drew and Lori said...

leah- we are praying for you and julia- this will end as a blessing as you attach because as she sees another change YOU will be with her- what a comfort and aid as she learns to trust you! have fun shopping- its a blast!


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