Saturday, July 29, 2006

I'm a day behind again. I have not been getting much sleep as Julia wakes up several times in the night looking for me. I am now positive that she slept with her foster mother as her original bio had stated. Last night I put her in the bed with me and she didn't move until 7:30 this morning. Yeah, sleep. She is still doing great.

We left the Wharton Intl Hotel in Nanning Friday afternoon and headed to the airport. The weather was extremely bad..rain.rain and more rain. Our flight was delayed for about an hour. As you can see in the above picture, we resorted to feeding the kids noodles while sitting on the airport floor. It worked. Our flight was not bad at all and she slept after we took off. I think she is just luring me in for the big flight and will then let loose. We got to our room around 12:00 a.m and got situated by 1:00 a.m. Yesterday we had to get the children's visa pictures taken at a little shop across the street from the hotel and then proceeded up two to three blocks for the medical examination. She didn't mind any of the examination with the exception of the ENT area. The lady wasn't exactly kid friendly. I wouldn't have liked having her hold my head either.

We then had the mid morning to late afternoon free. The smart thing to do would have been to take a nap but the stores were calling my name. I have found my barterer. Matthew will get them down really low on the prices of things and you kind of feel bad because the prices are already so low. We all had to attend a "document" meeting and that lasted around two hours. I could not believe that she stayed down in the Mattel room with Matthew the entire time without me around. Matthew said that she did really well playing with the other children. You will see a picture of Julia and her new friend Esther. Esther is also going home to Alabama.

We are about to go to breakfast and then we will meet to go to a market off the Island. I will write more tonight. Sorry for the brief blog today but things are starting to speed up a little. We cannot wait to get home and see all of you guys. We still cannot see our blog site?? Thus, we cannot see any comments that are being made. Love to all, Leah.

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