Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Okay, here is the smile everyone has been waiting for. She and I spent some time in the lobby this afternoon and she really opened up when the camera came out. I am having to post twice today because I got a day behind yesterday. Julia has not ran fever or not anything to talk about since last night. Yeah! I still kept her in all day and took her out to the pool late this afternoon. They like for the kids to be around other Chinese kids as much as possible so that they feel a little more comfortable. She didn't think much of the water so she spent her time just walking around and looking at everyone else like they were crazy.

We went to dinner at the Western Restaurant here in the hotel and she ate really well. After dinner, Nancy and Grandma Susan had a grand idea of me going downstairs to the hair dresser/massage parlor to get my hair washed for me and they would sit in there with Julia. Shouldn't take long at all they said. Well, first of all they place you on this table where you lie down and they wash your hair the whole time they are massaging your head and neck and scratching your scalp for about 15 minutes. I was in heaven. Then they condition your hair and scratch it again. I didn't think too much when they kept signaling to Nancy that my hair was so tangly and I had a lot of it. She completed her task and sent me to the next chair where they put you in a haircut chair and start massaging your neck and arms and fingers. Still relaxing.

Well, then everything went downhill from there. They took my hair down out of the towel and saw a tangled mess. They immediately had the entire shop ... all seven workers looking over my hair and wondering how to get such tangles out of my head. The whole time I am asking for a hair pick in picture drawing English. They dug really deep and found a pick they thought could even come near touching my hair. I grabbed it and started combing my hair. The owner quickly stopped me and sent me back into the hair washing/massage table area again. They each took turns picking out my hair and each kept applying conditioner after conditioner and some more conditioner. The owner would walk in there and hand them some special conditioner. One guy even brought me a translator dictionary showing me the work "hair treatment". I kindly said no.

After remaining in that room for 30 minutes of grueling hair picking, they finally sent me back to the haircut chair where they started picking again. I finally took it away and picked myself handing them back the pick and a few hairstrands. They began to do the final task or so I thought of drying my hair and stopped in midstream to apply more conditioner to my hair. They then informed me that I would have to sit there (it is now 8:45 and Julia is sitting in the lobby floor asleep waiting on me with Nancy and Grandma Susan who by this time are laughing hysterically because they see that I am stuck in there). I explain to them that I cannot wait any longer and need to go. Of course, they did not understand and insisted that I had to wait for the owner to come and finish. I, of course, did not understand what I was waiting for.. a haircut? I don't think so. She saw I was about to get up and leave and started massaging my shoulders to keep me in the chair. He finally came over and blow dryed my hair and apologized for the wait. 9:10, I walk out of shop... 50 yuan ($6). I approach the lobby to obtain my child and find two women sitting there laughing their heads off and are probably still in there room laughing. It is official, I have the slickest, cleaniest head on the entire 14th floor of this hotel. Not to mention, there is absolutely not one tangle in my head.

We had another pee pee on the western toilet party for Julia after returning to the room tonight. I surely hope that we are moving in the right direction in that area. Tomorrow we will go to a museum and then do some shopping. On my way to sleep after looking over some more official paperwork. Please continue to pray for these kids. Some are still going through a lot of grieving and it breaks your heart. We have been very lucky with Julia and she seems to be perking up each day.

Lots of Love,


Jen, Brian & cousin Megan said...

Yea! We finally get to see Jewel's beautiful smile. What a precious doll she is!
Loved the hair saga. I guess that's what comes of never washing or brushing your hair. ;-) LOL

chaz ballard said...

hey yall im glad shes feeling better and wish u a great flight over to guangzhou we miss u all and cant wait 2 see u

yours truly

Kristy Meanor said...

Leah, I have been excited to read your blog and keep posted of your travels to get your new little princess. I hope one day she will take piano lessons! Praying for safe travels and happy bonding:-)

Drew and Lori said...

okay- i am cracking up! WHAT A STORY!! that is hilarious! thanks for sharing.

Kandy said...

Yea!!!!!I am so happy for you all. I am glad that she is doing so well. She is so cute. I will be praying for you all. I bet you will never complain about McDonalds again. The food sounds interesting.

Madison Roberts said...

Mrs. Leah,
We can't wait to meet Julia! We miss you. Have a safe trip.
Luv ya! Madison Roberts

Kristin said...

you don't know me, but your sister forwarded your blog link to my husband..he works for PB. We live just north of San FRancisco and have 2 girls from China. I've been following your story today and I've cried happy tears for Julia and for you! She's adorable and very loved! You've an amazing journey unfolding before you!!

We wish you all the best!

Kristin Van Weele, husband Brian, and daughters Catie (now 6yrs. old, adopted 8/13/01) and Meigan (now 3yrs. old, adopted 8/10/04).
Both from Maoming, Guangdong Prov.

PREGO said...

"Leeeeaaaahhh!" She is absolutely gorgeous in the picture with her wearing the white and hot pink tank! She definitely has that vogue look going on! Absolutely stunning! I can't wait to see her in person when you come home, I think I am going to be the most emotional just considering. I wonder when Tim is going to drop the bike off, today I weigh in and I am hoping the doctor doesn't say that I have gained 4 lbs in 2 wks! Thanks for keeping us so closely involved while on your journey. This will definitely be something for you and especially Julia to treasure for all the years to come!
Love, Prego.


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