Friday, November 19, 2010

Countdown Begins - Day One - Post-Op
Check out my Diva nails. Gotta keep those two fingers nail less for they serve as my pappy.
Poppy sent me a "TV" (dvd player) and it's perfect to try my nails out on.
I have a wrapped present to open each day but somehow my counter is a little off and I've scored three gifts today. Good thing they halfed my morphine.

Gift #3 of the day.

Playing a little Phrase 10 while hanging out in the playroom.

Still smiling
I think this was a little sleep playing.

Stating her case for why she should open gift #3 in one day.

And, of course, she won.
Today has been a so-so day. The consensus of the nurses on the floor is AMAZING. Some cannot believe that she just had surgery yesterday. She has been a little Diva today and full of smiles one moment and then a little fussy the next. They halfed her morphine, which is great and hopefully tomorrow she will come off of it all together. She has had a couple of good naps today, which have well been needed. We ventured out a couple of times but haven't gone terribly far. Hopefully, tomorrow we can go to the first floor and walk around a little more. She has complained a couple of times about being hungry so we are monitoring her until tomorrow to see if they need to change the IV to something a little more full feeling.
She has really enjoyed her DVD player today and thankfully I brought a pair of ear phones for her to plug in. Today counts as Day 1 behind us. Bring on Day 2. We miss our Daddy today. He headed back to AL to be with the other littles. We cannot wait to all be back together at home.

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