Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day Two - Post Surgery

Do you think the girl has enough to do?
She quickly filled her jewelry box up with girlie goodies. The gloss is banana flavor and, yes, I do see her licking her lips often. I caught her eating her chapstick earlier and had to threaten to take that away.

A diva yesterday and a princess today.

This is a really good picture one of her friends at school drew for her. Can you tell which one is Chaning? Too sweet.

This is how our day started (might I say post opening her gift of the day from me). Head is placed neatly under the pillow with sounds that resemble a growl coming out of her mouth. This is where the phone call bargaining came into play. One meltdown in four days....I would have already have four a day and more than likely jumped ship.

This girl is on the run and I mean that literally. I have to run with her food/med IV pole just so she won't get too far ahead and rip her PIC line out. She woke up crying for food and I thought today was going to be really, really rough. The ONLY person she wanted to talk to was Fossiter (aka Foster). Of course, Foster was in the pool training and wouldn't be out for two more hours. Just the promise of him calling her made her smile and forget her hunger. The "food" through her IV they are giving her seems to have started doing its job this afternoon because she has not mentioned food again. They said it would take until today for this to happen or we would be changing her "food" out for a different brand. Thank the Lord it kicked in because it is hard to watch your baby cry.

We quickly decided to take off to the playroom around 9:30 this morning and she stayed until they closed it down at 11:30. She then decided we needed to take a trip down to the gift shop which seems like ten miles away with her and an IV pole in tow but she did wonderful. She wanted to purchase her sister and brother some silly bands. I think she looked at every single item they had. It was a fieldtrip indeed with the usual bathroom stops included. We returned to our room "briefly" to find a balloon and package from cousin Megan. Chaning loved her jewelry box and lip gloss. She quickly filled that box up and started applying her gloss immediately. Some of the nurses have accused her of being a little/lot spoiled. I would say the later is about true. She decided we needed to return to the playroom around 3:30 and we shut the place down AGAIN. She did not want to leave and I can bet that's where we will be hanging out again tomorrow. We ended our day with another ten mile walk to get momma a Starbucks decaf coffee. The local coffee room doesn't seem to be decaf friendly.
Needless to say, we are off our pain meds completely and only get them upon request. She slept really well last night and hope we repeat the same tonight. I lost my permanent spot in the bed to a monkey. I was so relieved but a tiny bit jilted.

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